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Learn how to mask your IP

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Protect your IP

Protect your IP with a VPN.

As a public IP address is used uniquely identify you, a VPN (virtual private network) is highly recommended to mask your IP with a private IP address.
VPN Provider Location Logs Traffic Logs IPs SSL Rating Price
Freedome Finland No Yes A+ $4.16
Private Internet Access US No Yes A+ $9.95
Perfect Privacy Switzerland No No A+ $13.95
NordVPN Panama No No A $5.75
OVPN Sweden No No A $7.00
SiteLock USA No No A $9.95
Pure VPN Hong Kong No No A+ $10.95

Why a VPN?

Benefits of Protecting Your IP Address

I’m sure you’ve heard of an IP Address (IP stands for Internet Protocol). It’s the little sequence of numbers (0 to 255) that is essentially your computers “address” on the internet. Your real IP address can be viewed by the websites you visit. Unique IP addresses let the site manager see where the traffic is coming from. It also helps them understand your interaction with them and your online behavior. Why you should hide your IP address When you hide your IP, it gets difficult for computer networks to track you online and can help you remain anonymous. Here are some other benefits of protecting your IP address: Access geo-blocked websites Many people hide their IP to access websites such as Hulu and Netflix that can be accessed from certain countries only or may be blocked by an internet service. While Netflix is available in most countries, not everyone can access the complete Netflix library due to IP geolocation. Due to copyright distribution laws, most countries get only a certain part of the entire collection. If you change your IP location to one in the UK, you can view and watch their UK library of TV shows and movies. To see how much Netflix content each country has, go to this website and hover over a country on the map. Travel cheaper Travel websites display ticket prices based on the country from where you are booking. If you’re traveling from the US to Mexico, you might find a cheaper deal if you book from Mexico. You can use a VPN to hide behind a Mexican IP and book tickets. To learn more read “How to get cheaper flights by using a VPN” by Jayson Quayle. A VPN can help you in other ways too. If you’re planning a trip and are constantly checking for airfares, the travel website will raise the prices to create a sense of urgency. If you delete the cookies and use another IP, the website will not get to know that you’ve visited before, so it will show you the normal prices. Hide your location If for any reason, you don’t want a particular website to know about your real location on connected devices, you can use a VPN. VPN providers generally have large networks of servers and you can connect to any of them to hide behind their Ipv6 address or Ipv4 addresses. There are many reasons to hide your location details of you ISP (internet service provider) from a website when you connect to the internet. Several websites harvest your data to send you targeted ads. If you want marketers to be off your trail, you can hide your internet protocol address from them. Getting location specific results If you access Google from your real location or home network, you’ll get local results. If you need results from another country, you can connect to that particular server and perform a search. This way, you’ll get results for that country. A VPN will hide your IP address. And not just that – it will also encrypt your data so that it stays safe as it travels over internet traffic. This protects your IP address from any hostname lookup, proxy check or reverse dns lookup. When using a VPN, it will not reveal your IP address location.

Protect Yourself

Take control on your online privacy and security by following these steps.

Password Manager

Human brains cannot remember enough secure and unique passwords, or we have just not evolved enough yet. This is why a password manager is your best option. Saving passwords to your browser is not a good idea.

Two-Factor Authentication

Only around 10% of people opt-in for a secondary factor of authentication when signing into online services. Setting up 2FA takes a few minutes and can increase security by 1000%. There is a site that lists 2FA supported services.

Secure Email

There have been various privacy scandals with free and ad supported email providers over the past few years, prompting many to look for the best secure email that respects user privacy. Check email addresses through a blacklist check.

Other ways to get your IP

As well as our IP lookup tool, you can also find the IP on a computer via the command prompt, click start and bring up the command prompt terminal by typing cmd. Type ipconfig and press enter to view network information and default gateway.

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